Alan Cameron is a Scottish composer, teacher and former Music Adviser with two local authorities, Glasgow City and Dumfries & Galloway. As a student in Glasgow in the 1970s, Alan studied composition with John Maxwell Geddes. In professional life, Alan was delighted to work closely again with John as conductor for the Glasgow Schools’ Symphony Orchestra and also in composing projects in Castle Douglas and Dumfries. Alan has composed music for various purposes and in many genres. He has composed music for TV including the theme tune for BBC TV’s ‘Reporting Scotland’. In 2017, Alan composed several tracks for a vinyl album ‘One More Time’ featuring legendary rock keyboardist Keith Emerson. In the classical field, Alan has had his piece ‘Displacement’ performed in the Gallery of Modern Art by Hector Scott, Shinobu Miki and Julia Lynch. Paragon Ensemble musicians have performed Alan’s ‘Beware the Ides’ in Glasgow’s Tron Theatre. Currently Alan is working as Education Adviser for online recording studio Soundtrap, a Spotify company.
Some of Alan’s music can be heard at