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Edward McGuire Celtic Knotwork: For 4 Flutes (1990) 5'
4 Fl

Celtic Knotwork
Eddie Mcguire - Music for Flute, Guitar and Piano Nancy Ruffer / Delphian DCD34029 Jun 2006
recording CD album / sound archive YELLOW

Tracklist: 1 Harbour of Harmonies, piano; 2 Fountain of Tears, flute & guitar; 3 Prelude 13, piccolo; 4 Dark Cloud, eight guitars; 5 Caprice, flute & piano; 6 Celtic Knotwork, four flutes; 7 Resistance Movement, flute, guitar & piano ensemble; 8 Amazonia, guitar; 9 Dancing Memories - Mrs de Ruyg's Delight; 10 Dancing Memories -Waltz; 11 Dancing Memories -Hornpipe; 12 Twelve White-note Pieces, six pianos

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