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Derek Ball Ar Foluain (2010) 10'
S Cl / B-Cl

/ unpublished
score (18p.) / ref library

Tracklist: 1 Nairciseas (Narcissus); 2 Ar Strae i nDán Neamhscríofa (Lost in an Unwritten Poem); 3 Blas na Spéartha (Taste of the Skies); 4 Ar Bhruacha an Nestos (By the Banks of the Nestos); 5 Dhá Fháinleog (Two Swallows); 6 Faoileán, Muaisin ar Mire (Seagull, Crazed Muezzin); 7 Scamaill (Clouds); 8 Colúin Vrauron (Columns in Vrauron)

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