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[Miscellaneous Songs]
Clifford Hughes / Clifford Hughes Collection
recording reel-to-reel / sound archive T-HUGHES 13

Tracklist: 1 The English Rose; 2 The Desert Song; 3 For Aw That Scottish Song [?]; 4 Little Lamb; 5 [Scots Song]; 6 Bonnie Openshee [?] (duet); 7 [unidentified song]; 8 Girls Were Made to Love and Kiss; 9 Purer in Heart (arr Clifford Hughes); 10 When I Survey; 11 Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross; 12 Lord Forgive and Save (arr Clifford Hughes); 13 Dear Lord and Father; 14 Then Shall the Righteous Shine
Notes: One side is 'from BBC broadcasts'; the other side [starting with 'Purer in Heart' is 'from latest record'. No details of other musicians.