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[Hughes and Wallace]
Clifford Hughes; Ian Wallace / Clifford Hughes Collection
recording cassette album / sound archive C-HUGHES 4

Tracklist: 1 My Pretty Jane; 2 The Islands are Calling Me (Clifford Hughes); 3 Oft in the Stille Night (Clifford Hughes); 4 Come all ye Shepherds (When the Ca's Comes Hame) (Clifford Hughes); 5 Will Ye Gan O'er the (Clifford Hughes); 6 The Lord is my Shepherd (Clifford Hughes); 7 Amazing Grace (Clifford Hughes); 8 It Was upon a Lammas Night (Clifford Hughes); 9 Royal Charlie (Clifford Hughes); 10 We're a 100 Pipers (Clifford Hughes); 11 There were (Clifford Hughes); 12 Rattling Roaring Willie (Clifford Hughes); 13 Dark Island (Clifford Hughes); 14 I Knelt in the Garden (Clifford Hughes); 15 These Drops of Blood (Clifford Hughes); 16 Steal Away (Clifford Hughes); 17 Rock of Ages (Clifford Hughes); 18 De'ils Awa (Ian Wallace); 19 My Love is like a Red Red Rose (Ian Wallace); 20 O Willie Brewed a Peck of Malt (Ian Wallace); 21 A Mule an' a Bittock (Ian Wallace)
Notes: Songs itemised on handwritten sheet enclosed in tape box. Performers identified as '[Clifford] Hughes and [Ian] Wallace'