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A Singular Solace
Clifford Hughes / Clifford Hughes Collection STM 101
recording cassette album / sound archive C-HUGHES 6

Tracklist: 1 Amazing Grace; 2 There is a green hill; 3 Rock of ages; 4 Am I my brother's keeper?; 5 If with all your hearts; 6 By the waters of Babylon; 7 Saw ye my Saviour; 8 Christ has no hands, but our hands; 9 God be in my head; 10 Abide with me; 11 Child in a manger; 12 Such lovely things; 13 O Love that will not let me go; 14 Jesus Himself; 15 Here O my Lord I see Thee; 16 Psalm 23; 17 Then shall the righteous shine; 18 Steal away to Jesus; 19 His gentle look; 20 The day Thou gavest Lord is ended
Notes: 'A Singular Solace: A Selectioin of Sacred Songs Chosen and Sung by the Minister of St Mary's Parish Church, Haddington, the Rev Clifford Hughes. Released 1993.