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Uncle Seabird [John G. Perry]
Seabird John G. Perry; Morris Pert / Morris Pert Collection 1995-00-00 [1976-00-00]
recording reel-to-reel / sound archive T-PERT 6

Tracklist: 1 Uncle Seabird
Notes: Recorded in 1976 as part of Perry's followup album to 1975 'Sunset Wading', but unreleased until 1995. Presumed to be track 9, 'a) Uncle Sea Bird Remembers Himself; (b) The Orchid Lounge' Label: Voiceprint Recorded at: Trident Studios John G. Perry: bass, vocals Corrado Rusticci: guitar Elio D'Anna: sax, flute Geoff Richardson: viola, flute Rupert Hine: keyboards Michael Giles: drums Morris Pert: percussion Simon Jeffes: arrangements, conductor

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