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Brand X [live at Ronnie Scott's]
Brand X; Morris Pert / Morris Pert Collection 2015-00-00 [1976-11-07]
recording reel-to-reel / sound archive

Notes: Brand X Live at Ronnie Scotts, London. Remixed from live masters by Jerry Smith & Robin Lumley. Recorded in 1976 , the reel includes two tracks, 'Unorthodox Behaviour' and 'Malaga Vergen'. 'Unorthodox Behaviour' is included on Brand X's first album 'Unorthodox Behaviour', which peaked at 191 on the Billboard 200 in 1976, the same year it was released. 'Malaga Virgen' is included on the 'Livestock', live album released in 1977 as well as 'Moroccan Roll', the 1977 second album. Percy Jones, bass Phil Collins, drums John Goodsall, guitar Robin Lumley, keyboards

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