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Janet Beat Capriccii, Vol 1 for Piano (1999 / 2002) 10'

All Contributors: Janet Beat (composer)
First performed on: 22 Aug 2003
First performed by: Alexandra Oehler
First performed at: Eisenacher Wartburg
Notes: Capriccio No 1 - Capriccio No 2 - Capriccio No 3

Programme Note:

The Capricci were written for Alexandra Oehler especially for her recital at the Wartburg, Eisenach on 22 August. This was part of a series of concerts in historic venues organized by Mitteldeutschesrundfunk as part of their Sommermusik series of broadcast public concerts. Eisenach is, of course, the birthplace of J S Bach and the Wartburg is where Luther translated the Bible into German. Furthermore, Wagner used the Wartburg as the scenery for Act III of the first performance of Tannhauser. So the venue has a good artistic lineage. The Capricci are the first piece to b e written by a Scottish composer for the performance at the Wartburg.