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Edward McGuire (2002) 9'
Folk Group [Fl Vn Va Conc L-Bgp] 1+1111 1100 Str

All Contributors: Edward McGuire (composer)
Commissioned by: North Ayrshire Council for the opening Gala Concert of the 2002 Gaelic festival, The Mod
First performed on: 13 Oct 2002
First performed by: North Ayrshire Schools Symphony Orchestra (with guest players from Sweden and Catalonia) and the Whistlebinkies
First performed at: Barrfield Hall, Vikingar, Largs

Programme Note:

Cel Mor, Cel Beag means 'the big music' and 'the small music' in Scottish Gaelic and, as well as being written for enjoyment, focuses the attention on the often uneasy relations between the big and the small. Written for the opening of the Gaelic Mod, the piece highlights such a relationship, as between the English language and the Gaelic (struggling for survival), and small communities as part of much larger ones. The voices of the unamplified folk ensemble are often submerged by larger forces, but in this case, both blend harmoniously as the dance gets wilder!