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Janet Beat Capriccii, Vol 2 for Piano (2006 / 2008) 11'

All Contributors: Janet Beat (composer)
First performed on: 2003-08-22
Notes: Edvard's Butterfly - Echoes of D.960 - Just a Minute!

Programme Note:

The three pieces in volume 2 of the Capriccii all pay homage to composers noted for their piano music: Grieg, Schubert and Chopin. My own pieces are like ivy which densely covers an old building. Only occasional fragments of the old music can be detected as they rise to the surface only to become submerged again. They are intended as tributes, thought the last one does parody the Chopin piece. The first and last pieces were written at the request of the Franke family.

'Edvard's Butterfly was written as part of Nils Franke's Grieg project. Here, only the rhythmic ideas and elements of texture from Grieg's op.42, no 1, The Butterfly appear, while towards the end, a cipher of his name occurs: G-D-E-G, (Gr(i)eg). The music is designed so that a performance of Grieg's own piece may act as a prelude and lead seamlessly into the present work.

Echoes of D.960' takes its cue from the low trill which mysteriously interrupts the opening bars of Schubert's B flat major Piano Sonata. This, along with reminiscences of the opening bars and Schubert's favourite dactyl rhythm, act as the building blocks for this work.

'Just a Minute!' was requested by Knut Franke who had asked several composers to write pieces based on Chopin's Minute Waltz'. The busy right-hand figuration and the waltz rhythm reflect this, while, towards the end, a parody of a fragment of Chopin's waltz appears as though played by an out-of-tune old music box.