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Edward McGuire Carrochan - A Suite for Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park (2008)
Ob Cl Bsn Hn 2 Vn Va Vc Db

All Contributors: Edward McGuire (composer)
Commissioned by: Denis Agnew

Programme Note:

The music is an expression of my own visits to the National Park during the last year. This is a period during which I have visited the Park more than any time in my life. The piece is divided into three sections ...

The first section conveys memories of a journey around the complete perimeter of the Park that I made accompanied by Denis Agnew, Carron Tobin and Bill Dalrymple - an amazing journey which inspired me with the stillness and beauty of the passing sights. Not long after that I found myself swimming in Loch Eck with Chinese visitors I was showing around. The movement sums up these experiences.

The second section takes us on a journey through the deep forests and up and over Conic Hill. This is represented by the deep double bass solo and the music rising up to reveal a violin solo heavily influenced by Scottish Style. The music takes us down to Loch Lomond looking over distant landscapes and the Highland Boundary Fault. Then some very stormy music commemorates the composer Mendelssohn who narrowly escaped from a sudden squall while he was sailing on the loch.

The third section of the piece celebrates the human presence in the Park, their crafts and struggle for existence throughout history. The music also carries my own memories of playing at the Folk Festival in Killin.