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Derek Ball Ar Foluain (2010) 10'
S Cl / B-Cl

All Contributors: Derek Ball (composer); Mac Dara Ó Lunaigh (author)
First performed on: 3 Nov 2010
First performed at: Béal Festival, Dublin

Programme Note:

Mac Dara Ó Luanaiagh is one of those poets whose lightning images strike directly to the heart of things. But he has burst on the landscape of Irish poetry like a summer storm, possibly having drifted over from Greece: no-one knows, no-one was expecting it!

I came across a sheaf of his poems in an unlit bar in Brittany. the covering note said 'Take what you need'. This is how he publishes his work seemingly. It took me a while to track him down, but when I did Macdara readily gave me permission to use his extraordinary poems.

My discovery took place not long before I found out about the Béal Festival (Dublin 2010) and therefore I was able to make my selection with the voice of Elizabeth Hilliard in mind, and the clarinet sound of Paul Roe.