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Janet Beat As if a dream (2016) 3'

All Contributors: Janet Beat (composer)
First Line: As if a dream
Notes: Piano part included for rehearsal only

Programme Note:

As if a dream,

Silver threads of sound echo round and round my intuition.

Now my spirit soars to the harmonies of the whirling sphere.

Then I enter the still centre of the universe,

Where, in the Garden of Nothingness,

I hear the sighing of the sun,

Feel the breath of the Creator.

Here, where there is no beginning and no ending,

In the radiance of the void,

I am rebord to celebrate life.

(Text by the composer)

The text takes its cues from the Diamond Sutra, "All life is an illusion, as if a dream..."

In addition allusions are made to Kepler's "Harmony of the Spheres", Zen Buddhism, astro-physics, Christianity and Hinduism.