We are recruiting for an enthusiastic and committed individual to oversee the smooth running of NYCOS Edinburgh Junior Choirs.

The local coordinator of a NYCOS Regional Choir is responsible to the Choir Director and NYCOS Regional Choirs Manager for ensuring all necessary local organisational support for the choir is in place.


To liaise at all times with Choir Director and Regional Choirs Manager
Ensure the safety and well-being of members
Responsible for the smooth running of rehearsals, concerts and workshops
Responsible for carrying out administrative tasks in relation to rehearsals, concerts, workshops
Communicate with parents on a regular basis using a variety of methods e.g. in-person, telephone, email, social media
Develop a team of parent helpers
Be aware of NYCOS policies on Child Protection, Health and Safety and Regional Choir guidelines
Be aware of financial procedures and responsibilities
Attend annual coordinator training day
This position is subject to PVG check.

Appointment Details:

The post covers 4 hours a week of which approximately 2 hours will be spent at choir rehearsal on Wednesday evenings. The remaining 2 hours cover general administration carried out from home. The choir meets for 30 rehearsals per year, 2 concerts and a recruitment workshop.

An hourly rate of £9.20 is paid. Any additional hours are paid at the same rate/day rate.

Start date: 23 April 2020

Location: Edinburgh City

For further information, please contact (Lorna Rudden), or call 0141 287 2831, or visit

The deadline is Friday 13 March 2020 at 17:00.