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June 23, 2019 @ 2:15 pm
St Lukes, Glasgow
St Lukes
17 Bain Street
Glasgow International Jazz Festival

The Bevvy Sisters, famous for their vocal harmonies, in the last year have enjoyed working with community choirs across the country and have left two new choirs in their wake. Glasgow Jazz Festival presents an incredible opportunity inviting singers and community choirs of any experience to join them and the legendary Scottish ‘Mammy of Jazz Singers’ Fionna Duncan as part of their Festival gig celebrating her 80th year the same evening.

Sign up for a fun afternoon workshop to learn a couple of songs, observe a masterclass in vocal jazz whilst they perform their own sets, then JOIN THEM ON STAGE!

In celebration of the continuing legacy of teaching supported by the festival where Fionna’s Jazz Vocal Workshops were launched 20 years ago and which each of The Bevvy Sisters have attended.

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