Following the announcement of their 100th conference in March 2019, Manchester based Un-Convention are offering music professionals from the UK, the opportunity to take part in a 9 month fellowship scheme (March – December 2019) that will enable participants to receive advice from industry experts, as well as to visit and develop networks across six European countries.

The network includes the following six European Festivals and Conferences; MaMA, Paris (France), Un-Convention, Manchester (UK), Nouvelle Prague, Prague (Czech Republic), MIL, Lisbon (Portugal), European Music Day, Athens (Greece) and Linecheck, Milan (Italy).

Experienced industry professionals will have their accommodation and travel costs covered to attend eight Europe-wide festivals and conferences. Each person will be assigned an expert music industry tutor and ultimately develop their ideas by networking, learning and receiving training from industry professionals from across Europe.

The deadline for applications is 14 January 2019.

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Some more detailed info on the process and opportunities:

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