Alastair Savage: Secrets From The Kitty


SAV003CD released 2012.

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Alastair Savage: Secrets From The Kitty

SAV003CD released 2012

Alastair Savage Fiddle
Euan Drysdale Guitar & Piano
Iain Crawford Double Bass

  1. Winter Blue [4:58]
  2. Late for the Lansdowne / Granny Bell’s Real / Moggi [6:15]
  3. A Vanishing Way of Life [4:25]
  4. One Chance to Celebrate [4:22]
  5. Let the Afternoon Go [5:21]
  6. Andover Market [3:02]
  7. Alright With You [3:09]
  8. One of those Weeks / Snow Reel [4:43]
  9. Evening Song [3:20]
  10. Bottles and Friends [5:01]
THIS third album of compositions from fiddler Alastair Savage, who inhabits both folk and classical worlds, combines some spectacular fireworks with a feel for sweet melancholy. His accomplished fiddling is ably complemented by his regular sidemen, double-bassist Iain Crawford and Euan Drysdale on piano and on a bluesy acoustic guitar which breaks out in the hoedown of Winter Blue and the hard-driving One of Those Weeks set. Occasionally I felt I was listening to fiddle pyrotechnics rather than tunes that will stick, but I particularly enjoyed A Vanishing Way of Life, with its mysterious fiddle harmonics and elegiac piano and fiddle suggesting the soundtrack of a sad film, before a high-tension percussive bridge leads into an explosion of energy in One Chance to Celebrate. Savage also plays with great soul in the resonant double-stopping of Alright With You and duets beautifully with piano in the plaintive Evening Song. ?– Jim Gilchrist, The Scotsman, 25/06/2012