Phillip Thorne and Selina Madeley: Celtic Soul


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Phillip Thorne and Selina Madeley: Celtic Soul

The Scottish Guitar Duo play music by John Maxwell Geddes, Thomas Wilson and Edward McGuire.

Celtic Soul consists of works by three of Scotland’s greatest composers. All three have composed many important and substantial works for solo guitar, guitar duo and guitar in chamber music. All have composed a major Guitar Concerto. It goes without saying that these internationally acclaimed composers have written extensively for all forms, from symphonies to ballet and opera.

  • John Maxwell Geddes: Dances of the Scottish Court
  • John Maxwell Geddes: Before Winter Winds
  • John Maxwell Geddes: Ane Buke O Courtlie Ayres
  • Edward McGuire: Autumn Moon
  • Edward McGuire: Summer Stars
  • Thomas Wilson: Three Pieces
  • Edward McGuire: Piobaireachd to the Brahmaputra
  • Edward McGuire: Folk Memories in Autumn

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