Have you found old cassettes in the attic which you would love to listen to again?

Needing to save space and keep your audio files neatly on CDs?
We can help save your collection of recordings!

At the Scottish Music Centre we offer high-quality audio transfer services tailored to your specific listening needs.


We can transfer sound recordings in a wide range of formats onto CD or USB drive in .wav or .mp3 format. These include; audio cassette, quarter-inch reel, DAT, minidisk and (33rpm and 45rpm) vinyl.

We can digitise straight transfers (a single, unedited file per side of tape or record) or, for an additional charge, we can also edit the file, split it into separate tracks, and improve the quality of the original recording by removing clicks, scratches and background noise, leaving you with a clearer audio to enjoy!

Please contact us for a quotation:
info@scottishmusiccentre.com or
0141 552 5222